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How to Pay Income Tax_Step by Step Guide

Posted by CA Pankaj Kumar Vats
On 4 Jul 2020

Income Tax needed to be paid at the time of filing of Income Tax Return and it is called as the Self Assessment Tax.

Here is the detailed, Step by Step process of payment of Income Tax

Step 1: Follow the below steps or click on the below link for payment of Income Tax ”


Step 2: Follow the below steps


Step 3: Now this is the final step for making the tax Payment. There are different presentations of different banks for the payment of Income Tax. So here we have covered the details of the payment of HDFC Bank. The payment presentation may differ from bank to bank, but the basic points remain the same. So the below details of HDFC Bank payment will be helpful while making payment from other banks as well

Key Points
While making payment of Income Tax, few points must be checked twice.
1. PAN and Name as per PAN, in order to ensure that Tax is being paid for the correct Person.
2.Assessment Year needed to be selected carefully. For FY 2019-20, AY is 2020-21
4. Amount of Tax, Surcharge and Health Cess. The total tax payment should be checked carefully.

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